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As our client, when you need your project charted out, talk to us. With Buoyancy Consultants your project is in good hands. Quality Basic design and Detail Engineering Service for production is part of what we do. From Optimization to Consultancy we got it all covered. That’s because

at Buoyancy Consultants we abide by our code :

Making Your Project Float ! 


Following the International Maritime Organisations (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) vessels need to meet compliance by 2024. Having partnered with manufactures from Europe and Asia we provide custom solutions to fit every type of vessel.


Hybrid Vessels

Between gas powered and alternative fuel sources hybrid vessels deliver better performance. With the best of both options, while saving costs and improving efficiency Hybrid vessels can deliver optimal performance.




Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems as one of the alternative compliance methods to meet the 1st Jan 2020 deadline. Recognizing that each vessel has different requirements and schedules our teams offer the most optimal solution with Open loop , Closed and Hybrid systems.


Liquified Natural Gas is gaining prominence as not just an alternative fuel but a greener one as well. Having the technical expertise to design LNG vessels (with our partner MDC Norway) from carriers to LNG fuelled , we handle new builds and conversions too.

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A rising and popular energy source for vessels, Solar powered manned and unmanned crafts have set a firm hope for the future of shipping. Our design range caters to Solar powered vessels like small crafts and passenger ferries. 


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