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As our client, when you need your project charted out, talk to us. With Buoyancy Consultants your project is in good hands. Quality Basic design and Detail Engineering Service for production is part of what we do. From Optimization to Consultancy we got it all covered. That’s because

at Buoyancy Consultants we abide by our code :

Making Your Project Float ! 


Depending on the owner's requirement Buoyancy Consultants by way of Feasibility studies & concept evaluations. Checks the viability of the project keeping in mind the performance and operational risk analysis.


Buoyancy Consultants prepare all basic key plans and main documents using modern tools for approval of the classifications societies and other statutory bodies. These drawings then form the basis for detail design. The typical plans prepared under this scope includes.

  • Structural Scantlings and design plans

  • Structural strength calculations

  • Stability booklets, Speed and Power calculations

  • Schematic drawings with system capacity calculations for piping, HVAC and electrical

  • Statutory plans


Based on the concept design, Buoyancy Consultants can provide all necessary initial design documentation that forms a part of the tender documentation that may be used for entering a contract with shipyards.


  • General Arrangement Plan

  • Building Specifications

  • Preliminary Midship Section

  • Makers List

  • Lightship and Steel weight estimation

  • Stability calculations

  • Speed/Power requirements


Being well versed with different classification societies standards, we are in a position to deliver required class drawing layouts covering General Arrangement plans to Safety plans in line with SOLAS rules.


Total Ship design is not complete without Detail Engineering. Our unique 'Designed to Fit' concept ensures high profitability to shipyards. Buoyancy Consultants can start from scratch building the detail model of any kind of project with rule based quality check processes and generate production drawings, assembly plans, work build strategy, bending templates, profile sketches, part list, BOM, schematics, spool drawings, composite layouts, MTO's, isometrics and various customizable outputs as per client requirement.


Buoyancy Consultants team have experienced in working on any conversion proposal in order to meet new regulations/conventions, equipped the vessel with the latest advanced equipment's, improve the cargo capacity or carry a new type of cargo, reduced emissions, reduce fuel consumptions, improve stability and speed of the vessel.


Buoyancy Consultants team with the use of advanced FEM computing facility and simulations software available with us, we provide analysis of ships behaviour in sea for different loading conditions determining its stability, structural strength assessment, scantling checks, buckling, static and dynamic, torsional, flexure, thermal ,vibration analysis , FEA , CFD and Mooring Analysis.


With project management Buoyancy Consultants cater's to ship owners by providing a one-stop destination for its design and site supervision requirements


Buoyancy Consultants uses this technique for collecting high-density 3-D data to create digital models of complex entities such as hull models, seagoing vessels, process plant, engine rooms, ships’ systems, ballast water management integration, historical monuments and other big structures and locations, both inside and out. Using the highly accurate 3-D scan cloud point data CAD models of as-built structures is intelligently modelled.


Buoyancy Consultants offer extensive onsite services and provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to the client covering a wide range of services from supervision for new structure, conversions and repairs, sea trials, inclining experiment and life extension surveys.


Our General Engineering Consultancy aims at providing solutions to client projects in various disciplines of engineering using Latest software technologies. We have ensured to comply with legal regulations such as The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) that was made mandatory for all new ships and have done services on Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) and retrofit as per new requirements for Panama canal transit.


Our capabilities in Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) are built around providing feasible and economically viable designs. The spectrum of services offered by Buoyancy Consultants encompasses MEP Drafting and Modelling Services, HVAC Design Services, HVAC Duct and Piping Design and Plumbing Design Services.


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