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Ship Design Engineering


Our expereinced & seasoned engineering team ensures highest quality design which is focused on effectve production cycle inline with shipyard practice and ship's lifecycle for safe & efficient operation. We carefully study and prepare our design schedule to meet required quality standard 'on time' & 'within budget'.

Preliminary Design


Based on the mission requirements, we deliver various outputs.


  • Study of Mission Requirement

  • Preliminary General Arrangment Plan

  • Preliminary Specification

  • Special Equipment Details (if any)

  • Initial Estimate


Any other output as per the requirement can also be provided.

Basic Design


Based on the preliminary design or mission requirements, we delivery various outputs.


  • Faired Lines plan & Hull Surface

  • General Arrangement Plan

  • Techinical Specifications

  • Powering Calculations

  • Class Approvals

  • Subdivision & Capacity Plan

  • Hydrostatic Data

  • Shell Expansion Plan

  • Vasious Class Drawings

  • Scantling Calculations

  • Stability Booklet

  • Safety Plan - LSA, FFA, etc

  • Statutory Plans - Freeboard, tonnage etc

  • Ballast Management Plan

  • Accomodation Plan

  • Propulsion System Arrangment

  • Piping System Design & Machinary Selection- P&ID

  • Electrical Design

  • HVAC Design


The above list is indicative , for any specific requirement not mentioned above kindly check with us.

Detail Design & Production Documentation


Based on Basic Design, we delivery various outputs by carefully studying shipyard practice and working methodology. We strongly believe that 'every shipard has its own standard' and hence provide 'designed to fit'package.


Hull Structure:

  • Shell plating and Hull Structure drawings

  • 3D Engineering

  • Nesting Plans

  • Assembly planning and sequencing

  • Skid Modelling for Curved Hull

  • Erection and block lifting plans

  • Block Drawings and reports / list

  • Hull production information

  • Bending Templates

  • Welding list & Painting area report

  • Profile sketch and bending table

  • Part list and various reports


Outfitting & Hull Outfitting:

  • Creation of Libraries/Databank

  • Pipe, HVAC and cable tray modelling

  • Equipment modelling

  • Foundations and Pipe Support Modelling

  • Composite Layout drawings

  • 3D-Arrangement drawings

  • Isometric and Spools sketches for Pipe and HVAC

  • Part List/Bill of Materials


The above list is indicative , for any specific requirement not mentioned above kindly check with us.

In Focus - Whom & How can we assist ?

Ship Owners


Based on your mission requirements, we can cover the entire design spiral covering preliminary to detail design by taking care of necessary class approvals and liaison with various regulatory bodies.


We can also assist in shipyard selection and guide with building strategy to achieve required schedule.


As a owner representative, our site engineers can ensure that desired build quality standard is achieved during production by a shipyard.





Based on basic design, we will complete the detail design to generate necessary production documentation.

Our various outputs are delivered by carefully studying shipyard practice & working methodology.


Onsite Manpower Supply / Team Deputation:

Our expert qualified engineers can compliment your existing design capacity.



Design Companies


You can outsource your entire or part of a design project to us. We delivery such projects as per your own design and quality standards on necessary software platforms.


Our expert design engineers can also be deputed onsite to compliment your existing team.




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