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Our Expertise

We at Buoyancy Consultants shoulder the responsibility of completing design by providing quality basic & detail engineering service for production where the structure, outfit and systems are detailed to achieve a cost and time effective production cycle on 3D Platforms like Nupas-Cadmatic, Tribon M3, SmartMarine3D and Foran. Buoyancy Consultants support by constant design reviews and 3D model sharing with the customer so that the production is set in right direction.

Class Drawings


Being well versed with different classification societies standards, we are in a position to delivery required class drawing layouts covering General Arrangement plans to Safety plans in line with SOLAS rules.

Our capabilities at Buoyancy Consultants also include services to generate a high level plans along with a basic 3D model to ensure you have an edge during the bidding process.



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Basic Design


Covering the entire design spiral Buoyancy Consultants can start with the owner's mission requirement help generate the cost estimates.

Hull form is generated by considering the statutory freeboard requirement along with necessary hydrostatic parameters, stability booklet, powering calculations, hull and machinery arrangements, light ship estimates, scantling calculations & damage stability.


Offshore Engineering


Jack up rigs to Semi submersible platforms we cover them all.

Buoyancy Consultants can cater to marine offshore industry by covering its new build design via class drawings and detail design. Offshore design team can compliment an existing design process at various stages. 


Our expertise also cover refurbishment and asset life cycle management related design documentation.

Project Management


​With project management Buoyancy Consultants cater's to ship owners by providing a one stop destination for its design and site supervison requirements


Site supervision to ensure production or repairs are up to the operations requirement.

Our production experts are deputed onsite for quality inspections and site surveys.

Feel free to contact Buoyancy Consultants to know more about its possibilities.

Detail Design


Total Ship design is not complete without Detail Engineering. Our unique 'Designed to Fit' concept ensures high profitability to shipyards.

Buoyancy Consultants can start from scratch building the detail model of any kind of project with rule based quality check process and generate production drawings, assembly plans, work build strategy bending templates, profile sketches, part list, BOM, schematics, spool drawings, composite layouts, MTO's, isometrics and various customizable outputs as per client requirement.

Marine CAD / CAE /CAM


At Buoyancy Consultants designs which are a result of experienced engineers can move till CAM level.

As per the client requirement we can translate our nesting plans to CNC file, profile bending sketches to robot files, pipe bending information to CNC file etc.

Get in touch with Buoyancy Consultants to know more about  getting possible connectivity with your shop floor machines.

Repair & Conversion


The entire repair and conversion stages in the ship's life cycle can be catered by generating necessary renewal plans based on class surveys.

Buoyancy Consultants can also consider and calculate the required local strengthening arrangement to satisfy class requirement.

Buoyancy Consultants project management team can also be part of owner's ship life cycle process to ensure required supervision during repairs & conversion.


Software Platform Independent

"Buoyancy Consultants being software platform independent can make use of various 3D tools available in the market"

Ramniwas Mourya - CTO, Buoyancy Consultants

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